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This character is currently in WIP,  I wasn't able to get it finished since the last week I had some health problems. 

The environment was done as a school assignment, but from the start of it, I knew I wanted to do it for a specific character, made in my own time. I therefore fit the environment to the theme of the character, which I believe is the only way to create environments, so they can tell a story. 

The challenge I wanted to set myself is to produce a realistic character, to an already existing concept and get better at making gameready hair. In adition to that I had to learn a lot about texturing XYZ maps and using marvelous designer in a production. It was a huge learning experience so far, and I'll keep working on it untill this character is done. 

Many more improvements are needed, such as the hair needs to be pretty much re-done and the textures on most of the clothing is missing, because getting the hair down took such an amount of time. 

I'm already pretty good at sculpting, so that made making stuff like cloth not as time consuming and altering the meshes from marvelous designer pleasant. What ate up most of the time was integrating the actual sculpts and going around all the technical problems. 

In conclusion, it's been a crazy experience and hope it keeps that way!


Hildegard_Submission downloads
artbible_RS.pdf 177 MB
Character breakdown_RS.pdf 127 MB

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